Lamb Rib Haniz an Chicken Mandi at Tibba Restaurant, Dubai – Irfan’s View

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In Dubai we went to Tibba restaurant which is famous for it's Mandi and Haniz. I didn't know Mandi is also the tastiest dish till I have their Mandi. The way they cook the meat, the way they add their ingredient, the way they brought up the goat and chicken matters. I enjoyed each and every bite pf it and I really got impressed as the taste of the meat took the whole dish to another level. I just loved the dish and enjoyed each and every bite thoroughly.

0:00 – Intro
3:30 – Lamb Soup
3:53 – Chicken Mandi
5:31 – Naan with Mutton Curry
6:42 – Rib Haniz
10:22 – Closure


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  • I had my office in Port Saeed and I’ve been here before…Great video irfan…Hope chennai brings authentic foods like these..

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