Al Dente Restaurant Review, Dubai, Al Barsha

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Recently, we visited a lovely Italian restaurant, Aldente in Al Barsha, Tecom district of Dubai. In the afternoon, the restaurant was nearly empty. The atmosphere in the restaurant is cozy and nice. The quality of products and taste of food in the restaurant is excellent. The price was medium to high. You can see our bill for pizza and rizotto with sea products. We ordered chicken pizza and risotto with seafood. As starters we were given olives, bruschetta and a delicious Italian bread. The only unpleasant aspect of our visit was a plate of hair, which we have successfully forgotten after a meal. Some of the minuses that we would like to note are the service and the level of penetration of the English language into the minds of the servicing personnel of the restaurant. We are accustomed to the fact that there owners of the restaurants, cafes, hotels, etc are not too much worried about improving the level of their service, however it is a quite serious problem. Low level of English, which is common for waiters, concierges, taxi drivers (this is a separate topic, we have prepared very interesting reviews about taxis), is ruling out the possibility that you can easily make an order and to be sure that it is taken correctly. Laughter between waitresses around the restaurant would sometimes hinder us from fully enjoying delicious meals. The problem of incompetent staff not being able to speak proper English, in a country where English is the only language of communication for the vast majority of people who live, work and travel there, is the bane of Dubai. The management of these organizations should understand that neglecting trainings of their staff may inflict serious damage and loss of profit.

Overall, the restaurant has made a positive impression due to its coziness and delicious food.

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